Nigella sativa oil




Pure natural oil without additives. According to scinetific researches it is consisted of 67 active, healing ingredients. Highly effective in stimulation of T cells, cells of immune, defensive system.

Modern science has begun researches about this plant couples of years ago and they have realized that a lot of diseases can be treated with it. Immunologist from German Peter Schleicher and Dr. Mohamed Saleh from Egypt, wrote a book about Nigella Sativa in which they described how this herb affects immune system, stabilizing it. Science proved that this herb is healing a lot of diseases:


-Different types of allergies


-cold and flu





-it helps with diabetes and joint inflammation

-preventing cancer cells from spreading(50% of reduction)

-chronic sleepiness

-problems with concentration

Nigella Sativa doesnt have any contraindications. It can be used with any other medicine

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30g, 100g


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